Vacuum packing is perhaps the most significant advancement in perishable preservation since refrigeration. TENGTONG offers professional solutions in the form of advanced machinery such as the table top chamber vacuum sealer, the automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, and more...

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Advanced Technology
We have our own research and development team to develop new technologies in order to improve the quality of our vacuum packaging machines. So far, we have applied 12 patents, most of which have been applied into our production successfully. Supported by those new and advanced technologies, we make our products more competitive and we can also offer the customers nonstandard customized products.

Low Energy Consumption
The vacuum pump assembled in our vacuum packaging machines are imported from the German Busch company. Besides, most of the electronic components of our products are made by large famous electric companies such as the Schneider and Merlin Gerin. With those imported high quality components, our products have lower energy consumption and a better performance.

    1. Automatic Belt Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZ-980)
    2. Automatic Belt Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZ-980)The working table of our product is adjustable. It can be adjusted to five inclinations that are 0°, 7.5°, 15°, 22.5° and 30° respectively.
      The vacuum chamber lid can be turned over to make it easy to clean the inner of the vacuum chamber and change the heating wires.
    1. Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZR-420)
    2. Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZR-420)Our product is equipped with a circuit protection system to protect the electronic components and ensure the safety of the machine operator.
      This vacuum packaging equipment has a wide packing area which can meet the packaging requirements for various kinds of products and help increase the production efficiency.
    1. Automatic Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging  Machine (DZD-680/2SD)
    2. Automatic Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZD-680/2SD)There are two chambers in this vacuum packaging machine. One of the chambers is in the size of 680mm×680mm×200mm, while the other one is in the size of 850mm×680mm×200mm.With two chambers, this vacuum packing machine offers more choices to the customers and it greatly increases the seal length of the packaged product.
    1. Double Chamber Vacuum Packer (DZD-500/2SD)
    2. Double Chamber Vacuum Packer (DZD-500/2SD)With The German-made Busch 040, 063 or 100 vacuum pump, and the electronic components made by the French Schneider company, our product has a stable performance.
      Axial heat dissipation system is adopted in this machine.
    1. Single Chamber Vacuum Packer (DZD-500/SD)
    2. Single Chamber Vacuum Packer (DZD-500/SD)Compared with other model of vacuum packaging machine, this product has a higher working height for the packaged products. Thus the DZD-500/SD single chamber vacuum packer can be used to pack thick products. This vacuum packaging equipment has a longer interval between the sealing bars.
    1. Table Top Chamber Vacuum Sealer (VA-500)
    2. Table Top Chamber Vacuum Sealer (VA-500)The VA-500 table top chamber vacuum sealer has a transparent arc-shaped lid which is beautiful in appearance. The transparent lid also makes it easy for the operator to monitor the packaging process. Due to its small size, this product is quite suitable to be used in retail stores or laboratories.

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